What is Nordic Walking? Walking Sticks? Trekking Poles? Balance Walking?


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  • A pain-free exercise designed to be easy to start and stick with.

  • Simply adding poles to your walk increases calorie burn by up to 50%.

  • Balance Walking enhances cardiovascular performance and oxygen delivered.

  • Nordic Fitness engages 90% of the muscles, activating the upper body and core.

  • Walking with our spring-loaded poles reduces stress to the knees, hips, lower back, ankles, and feet by up to 33%.

The hands of a person walking with Balance Walking poles

Oxygenate Your Body!

The human body can go weeks without food, days without water, but only a few minutes without oxygen. When circulation is increased the amount of oxygen being delivered is also increased. Get the most value from those few minutes every hour by adding poles, which raise your cardiovascular rate up to 20% and increase your oxygen levels. When you start walking with poles you start engaging 90% of the muscles in your body and start burning up to 50% more calories. By taking a set of poles on the walk a person can almost double the walk benefits in half the time.

A chart illustrating the positive effects of Balance Walking

Take Charge of Your Life!

Nordic Pole Walking has been around for a long time and has over 10 million pole walkers in Europe. I started my love of pole walking in upstate NY where I cross country skied every winter and Nordic Pole Walked spring/summer/fall. This was when I was much younger and a lot more active. Like most people, with age, my body and lifestyle changed. That is when I decided to look back into pole walking. After some research and visits to Europe for some basic pole walking training, I worked on expanding my program to a more balanced lifestyle taking crucial basic elements to complete a simple Balance Walking program that can be done in minutes a day and covered the critical 4 groups for a truly balanced program.

-- Ray Margiano, founder of Balance Walking

A picture of the human body, labeled with the areas that benefit from Balance Walking

Exercise Should Be Enjoyable!

The metabolic cost, which is the energy needed for movement, naturally increases with age. "Younger people have a lower metabolic cost than older people, but physical exercise may be able to mediate this.” What you think the difficulty level of the exercise will be is the determining factor of what it will cost you. Balance Walking makes walking feel easier by reducing the stress on joints, distributing the weight, and lowering the perceived rate of exertion. Adding poles makes walking new and stimulating! Naturally, if your feet are comfortable in properly-fitted shoes, you will enjoy walking further. Go to Foot Solutions for more information. Also, click the image above to download a Prevention Magazine article about Balance Walking.

Balance Walking as seen in Prevention Magazine

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