Equipment Needed

Balance Walking Poles

Balance Walking poles are significantly shorter than those recommended for cross-country skiing. Using poles of incorrect length may add stress to the walker?s knees, hips and/or back, diminishing the benefits of walking with poles. Balance Walking poles come in both one-piece, non-adjustable shaft versions, and telescoping two-piece adjustable length versions. Most Balance Walking poles feature grips with special walking straps, eliminating the need to grasp the pole grips.

Unlike trekking poles, most Balance Walking poles come with walking straps, removable rubber tips for use on hard surfaces and hardened metal tips for trails, the beach, snow and ice. Most poles are made from lightweight aluminum, carbon fiber, or composite materials.

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It is best to be fitted by a trained Pedorthist especially if you have any fitting issues. Most people are in improperly fitted shoes and most people don?t really know what a properly fitted shoe should feel like. Hint ? if it does not feel right in the shoe store it is not going to get better, in fact most cases it will get worse.

If your feet are hurting you will not be balance walking or enjoying many activities at all.

A new breed of health and wellness footwear have recently been introduced into the footwear market that combined with the Balance Walking poles helps to increase your core muscles, toning and strengthening your abs, muscles, buttocks and back. This footwear with a specially angled sole and heel forces better posture and targets under-utilized muscles, building more muscle mass, in turn, increasing calorie consumption. These shoes may also improve or reduce varicose veins and the appearance of cellulite. Click here to view the study conducted by Kennesaw State University on the benefits of certain health and wellness footwear.


Socks are a major part of an integrated solution for your individual feet along with shoes and properly designed arch supports. Some people are concerned about thickness of socks making their feet too hot. Usually the feeling of hot or cold feet is caused by improper fitting shoes and/or socks. The proper thickness of the sock and properly fitted shoes allows a more complete range of motion of the feet, at the same time protecting against friction and chafing from the inside of the shoe.

This approach helps to stimulate circulation in the feet while the sock helps provide insulation and air flow, which helps moderate temperature and keeps the feet from getting too hot or too cold. Make socks part of your complete exercise package.

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