Find Out If You Are YOUNGER or OLDER Than Your Age

Biological age has been credited with not only being the determining factor for your longevity, but also a pre-determinator of disease. You have no control over your chronological age, but science is telling us that does not really matter. The empowering revelation of this decade is that you control your biological age, so first let's figure out what your age is and then let's work together to turn back the hands of time. I love this project because there is nothing more fun to work on than your own self-contained universe where you have total control and trillions of cells at your disposal.

Whatever age you are starting at, it is the perfect moment to figure out what turns back the hands of time and makes us younger and also increases our quality of life.


1. Fake it till you make it. Convince yourself you reducing your biological starting right now. A recent study showed that the brain had no idea if the body was listening to someone play the piano or if their hands were playing the piano. You're in charge, so tell your body that your biological age will be lessening daily.

2. Attitude Adjustment. Your attitude is one of the few things in this world that you have total control over. Use it wisely. No matter what is going on in the outside world, you can decide what you will think about it. A fun attitude goes a long way to set the tone inside your body. If you wake up before you have given your body 7.5 hours of sleep, try on an attitude of appreciation. Thank your body for the opportunity to meditate yourself back to sleep. Slowing down your breathing and thinking of other things you are grateful for is bound to lead to some good dreams.

3. Think about what you allow into your self-contained universe. Are you eating high prana foods that give your cells what they need to work with, hydrate and oxygenate your system. Studies show that there a Link between Diet and DNA Demethylation. Get Folate, B2,6&12 into your body. (a) Try a spinach omelet with some hummus on the side.

4. Learn to listen to your cells, they are on your team. 37.2 trillion cells are well aware of the fact that their life depends on you. Become aware of the reciprocal nature of this. When something does not feel good, hear what your body is saying. Take a moment to send messages to your cells. Slowing down your breathing lets them know you are in a safe place. Looking at your food before throwing it down the hatch gives your cells a chance to gear up the enzymes needed to digest that food group.

5. The Times reported walking faster and farther is in the top five ways to reduce your biological age in two weeks time. Adding Balance Walking Poles can increase the benefits to your body during your walks. Let your arms lend a helping hand as the poles gently propel you forward at a faster rate. Balance Walking reduces the metabolic cost of walking, so it feels easier to walk farther. Do you know how to reach a ripe old age?... You Walk There! 

MOST IMPORTANTLY, enjoy your choices. If you choose something unhealthy, at least get pleasure out of it. If you decide to eat the cake, enjoy every bite. Communicate with your team members and give them a heads up to do the best they can with this choice and let them know you will try again tomorrow.



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