Four Reasons To Enjoy Your Walk

We all know we should exercise, but what is the best use of our time?

The most 'bang for your buck,' will come from increasing your enjoyment level.

  1. Balance Walking is a relatively new activity. Most have been walking on their own two feet for decades now, now you can add a set of poles and spice it up a bit. The fresh, new movement from Europe can be exhilarating for your body. Walk with poles and feel the power of the core engaged making it easier to walk further.
  2. You will enjoy your walk more when you have good posture. It not only feels better, you also can look around and enjoy the view. The poles supply the balance, so you are not looking down and having the weight of a bowling ball pull on the back of your neck and shoulders.
  3. Walking with Poles increases circulation by up to 22%. Every part of your mind and body will enjoy the extra oxygen boost. You will get that blood pumping when you put 90% of the muscles in your body to work.
  4. Balance Walking feels easier, which makes it easier to enjoy. If you drag yourself to the sidewalk and shuffle along looking at your feet, you are not going to want to walk very far. Balance Walking reduces your perceived rate of exertion. It feels easier, so it makes you want to walk more often and further.

Set yourself up to enjoy your walks and deliver the full value and benefits to your body. Staying active and mobile is the key to health and longevity, so make it a priority that you enjoy.


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