What Doctor's Are Not Saying...

Popular health advice during COVID-19 is to wash your hands and try not to touch your face. Doctors are telling us to stay home and wait for a vaccine, but the five things they are not telling us are crucial.

• Get out in the sun and give your body Vitamin D

• Take chelated zinc, fish oil and other powerful antioxidants

• Walk daily

• Do deep breathing exercises

• Think positive thoughts

When it comes to physical exercise, Balance Walking is a great individual sport with the added benefit of a base circle keeping people six feet away.

Some other benefits for these times are...

A. You're not touching equipment other people have touched, and if you are holding the poles you can't touch your face.

B. You don't need to go to a gym because your own arms become your gym by engaging 90% of your muscles. 

C. Balance Walking solves the five criteria for promoting good health. If you find it challenging to think positive thoughts while you are out enjoying the view, then just count your breath. Pick a comfortable number for you and count to it for the inhale, and the same number for the exhale. If you are counting you cannot think of anything negative and will give your mind these moments to be present during your walk.

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