Adjustable Nordic Walking Poles

Adjustable Balance Walking Poles offer the perfect combination of balance and weight for all levels of walkers and is the pole of choice for beginners.  

The lightweight adjustable aluminum poles have an 80 - 135 cm range.  The advanced twist lock system makes adjustments easy and ensures the height of the poles stays in place.

Straps completely wrap and support the hand and wrist while allowing easy release from the grip without having to take your hand out of the strap.
The pole comes with two types of tips.  The hard rubber tip provides traction on pavement and smooth surfaces.  The tungsten tip is for use on softer and undulated outdoor surfaces. Tips are easy to inter-change and can be switched at anytime.  Tips may wear out and are replaceable and can be purchased separately.   

Softer tips that can be used for walking on a slick surface (mall walking), can also be purchased separately.