Thin in No Time

Burn those extra pounds away

Europeans know that poles give your body more benefits with every walk. Simply holding the poles naturally improves posture, and, once your body is accustomed to this improved body alignment, it will subconsciously auto-correct itself. Balance Walking makes the process of losing weight feel significantly easier because the spring-loaded poles propel you along your way so you feel comfortable and not out of breath. All exercise improves when your breathing is relaxed. The unique characteristic of Nordic Walking is that you lose weight faster than if you simply ran. Running increases the heart rate so much that you burn sugar instead of fat. Nordic Walking keeps the body in the fat-burning zone, burning up to 40% more fat than running.1

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Reasons to add poles to your walk:

  • Burns calories at a faster pace than ordinary walking
  • Makes walking feel easier
  • Keeps the body aligned and the core engaged
  • Keeps the heart rate in the fat-burning zone
  • Improved posture makes you look thinner

Pain Management

Get your aches under control

Balance Walking poles can help you work through the pain. It is human nature to avoid pain, but becoming sedentary to prevent it will only make things worse. Avoiding a walk because your joints, feet, or back ache can impose its silent yet deadly effects.1 Discomfort in the joints can begin because of surgery, arthritis, or other reasons, but all involve pain. We try to offer solutions to your pain. Problems with the feet can have a variety of repercussions that are felt all the way up, so we recommend a visit to your nearest Foot Solutions to find properly fitted and stylish walking shoes. Adding poles greatly diminishes the impact on the feet and joints, and experiencing less pain can motivate people to move. It is a vicious cycle - proprioceptors help everyone balance, but they do not work well in the people who do not exercise them

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Reasons to add poles to your walk:

  • Reduces impact on the joints
  • Motivates you to exercise and move through the pain
  • Helps prevent issues in the lower body due to foot problems
  • Engages upper body and core to assist the legs
  • Increases balance by distributing weight amongst four points of contact instead of just two feet

Stomp Out Sitting

The insidious disease infecting our society

Set an alarm to go off every 55 minutes, at home and at work, so you do not accidentally remain seated for an hour. If the body stays in a seated position for 60 minutes, half of the circulation to the legs is cut off. If you walk for just five minutes per hour, your arterial function will not be impaired at all!1 If that is not enough information to scare you straight out of your chair, sitting for an hour results in a 90% drop in the blood enzyme lipase that breaks down fat, as well as a radical decrease in electrical activity in our leg muscles.2 There's a difference between being alive and living. People must be mobile to maintain their quality of life. The thirty year old leaning over a computer and the eighty year old in front of the television all must get up and move every hour. Check the time, pick up your poles, and take a walk.

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