This is the major cornerstone of the Balance Walking program. The technique increases the calorie burn rate in less time. You will engage your core muscle groups while aligning your body for improved posture and body function. You will burn up to 50% more calories than regular walking.

Pole walking can help a wide-range of people with a variety of issues – literally every person can benefit. Pole walking is a great tool for both the out-of-shape person just beginning an exercise program and for the outdoor, avid hiker. The natural body alignment that the poles provide is the reason for their versatility. People with health issues can go Balance Walking with no stigma attached because healthy people around the world use Nordic Walking Poles. A major cornerstone of the Balance Walking program is that it is a low impact activity that anyone can do anywhere.

This pain-free exercise can help people beginning a work-out plan, patients in physical therapy, pre post-natal care, exercising with disease or pain. This low impact activity is good for anyone starting an exercise program that they want to stick with. If your body is not in the best shape, Balance Walking Poles can help get you there. It can be hard to begin when you feel lethargic, but the poles can help you feel lifted up and motivated. Bring them with you and let them be a tangible reminder to take a few minutes for your health.
A Plan to Begin an Exercise Program that You Can Stick to

Implement a rule: keep the poles in your car. If there has not been a free fifteen minute time period to walk during the day, take the walk before you go home. Keep a note on the dashboard of the car, or a sign when you pull in the garage, and if you cannot say that you have walked today, simply do it in the neighborhood before opening that front door.
If you have the challenge of a health issue like

  • CMT
  • Diabetes and Prediabetes Management
  • Aging, Arthritis, and Joint Pain

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Stress, along with being a contributor to your belt size, is also a factor in many other health issues, including heart disease and breast cancer. Since the goal of Balance Walking is to become healthier and more active, stress reduction is an important cornerstone of the program. This simple approach will rejuvenate your mind and body.

The TED Talk, “Stress is Your Friend,” proves that what you think about your experiences determines their effects on your body. This is one of the many reasons that Balance Walking has such far-reaching positive effects on a variety of people. It makes the exercise enjoyable (no sweat!) while adding the stimulation of an unaccustomed activity.

A Wellness Program for Your Office that is Attainable and Affordable


  1. Positive Thinking
  2. Exercise
  3. Rest
  4. Refresh
  5. Equipment

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Throw diets out! They just do not work long-term. Eating is a joy of life that should be enjoyed. By eating less processed and more natural foods, as well as eating smaller portions more often, eating can be both enjoyable and healthy. You’ll stop counting calories and worrying about what you can’t eat, and you’ll definitely be more satisfied. Eat, drink, and be merry – life is simple, why complicate it?

By keeping your body oxygenated and the circulation continuously flowing through the body to deliver nutrients and remove fat, you will be in a constant fat burning zone. The ease of Balance Walking keeps your heart rate in the zone that burns fat – if you run and overexert yourself, your body can start burning sugar instead of fat.

A simple rule to implement: do not let the clock strike the hour without you taking your walk. Keep the body moving and burning and you will find an increase in energy.

A Plan to Lose Weight and Maintain a High Level of Energy

The single most important fact of successful weight loss is to keep the blood moving. Breathing deeply aligns the spine and aerates the blood, releasing positive benefits throughout the body. Before you eat, keep a record of what you are about to eat. Try to hydrate in between meals, and keep thinking positive thoughts.

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Maintaining and toning muscles will keep you looking younger and more active. Balance Walking includes some simple non-time-consuming ways to maintain and tone your body, which will also kick start your metabolic rate! The average person loses approximately 30% of his or her muscle mass between the ages of 20 – 70, and Balance Walking will help prevent that.

For less than $50 and 15 minutes a day, you can have your own personal and portable gym membership. Doing lunges with poles encourages the correct muscles to engage. The targeted muscles include the glutes in your hips and butt along with the hamstrings, quadriceps, and calf muscles in your legs. Lunging with poles allows your abdominal muscles to strengthen while the Nordic poles act as stabilizers during the exercise.

Doing the chair pose while rising to the balls of your feet will strengthen the thighs and ankles while toning the butt, hips, and back. It also stretches the Achilles tendons and shins, and it is known to be therapeutic for flat feet. While holding the chair pose and comfortably standing with your poles, you will be toning your digestive organs and heart.